Starting the year right

Rain over nYCI originally conceptualized this blog way back in 2015, but a lot has happened since, and I’m bopping myself in the head for letting this opportunity lie dormant here.  So I’m starting the year right by reviving this space, just as I’m trying to get more active with its matching Instagram and Twitter accounts.

In the meantime, I’m a ways behind in writing about the things I’ve been tweeting and posting on Instagram and I’m trying to play catch up.

I’m hoping to write more here and eventually find this space doing what it was meant to do from the very start, which is to share with fellow shoppers and consumers like myself ideas, deals and product reviews.  I’ve always found other people’s input and reviews of services or products I seek.

Sometimes I discover a new shop or treat or even a new brand of lip balm that really works for me, and I’m thinking it’s something worth sharing.  There have also been many instances when I had found an advertorial recommendation from a magazine, website or tweet or Instagram post that gave me something that proved useful.

The deal is to provide an honest and unbiased endorsement where called for, and to give fair warning where it is necessary.

I’m one of those consumers who takes the time to write reviews and who also reads reviews of products, places, or services.  I think our appreciation or dissatisfaction should be communicated to others so they may benefit from the kudos or the warning, whichever the case may be.

As a New Yorker, I find that there are many things to explore and discover here, and I think that alone makes this space relevant.

Watch out for IG posts with #gothamchickrecommends, and Tweets under my accounts with the same.  Here’s to shopping and more…


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