EATS (A new category)

What a refreshing way to start a relaxing meal: Gold Coin cocktail from @gabrielkreuther. Under "Bright & Floral" on the cocktail menu, the mix of Aria Portland Gin, Mandarin and Cinnamon flavors are truly refreshing. Beware of its almost totally non-aFirst of all, let me warn you that I am just your every day restaurant diner.  I am by no means claiming myself to be a foodie although, if that is defined as someone who loves food, then I am one.  As a home cook, I’ve always been proud of having a discerning palate, so much so that I can replicate dishes based on taste.  And having been raised on my mom’s superb cooking, I tend to be discriminating with quality.  I’ve had the chance to eat and dine at some of the nicer restaurants in my decade or so stay in the big apple, add to that the other places I’ve visited, so I think I know good service and good food when I see it.

As the blog says, I’m just another shopper.  So in a restaurant, I’m just your average diner. Just so we don’t stray, I’m going to rate our “Eats” on

  1. Ambiance and general appeal. What differentiates this place ?
  2. Menu.  What do they offer?
  3. Customer service.  How was the service?
  4. Food.  How good or how bad?
  5. Beverages. Special drinks?
  6. Bang for your buck.  Was it worth the money?
  7. Social Media Savvy.  Do they have a digital presence?
  8. GothamChick Recommends.. or not.  Would I go back and eat there again?

I’m not going to give grades.  I like you or I don’t.  Or okay, I might somewhat like you.  There are enough sites on the net with all the ratings and reviews, and I will try and make this as truthful to my personal experience as possible.  Again, I’m just your average diner.

Each dining experience I choose to write about is like a story that unfolds as I enter the restaurant, and ends when I walk out the door.  (Unless, of course, the food does things to my stomach which might mean the experience stays with me a tad longer.)  I have been fortunate to have had some remarkable food experiences in the last 6 months, and I have a ton to catch up on.

EATS will not just be about restaurants but food in general.  It’s about your average cafe or maybe the hottest buzz in restaurants in town.  It’s about places and food I experience.  While that kind of limits where we go, you can be sure you will get a good sense of actually being in that restaurant or tasting that cake or sippin that brew when you come and sit with me here in this space.

Right now, I’m making a ranking of my favorite almond croissant.  Guess who wins in my book?


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